Other Petrol Models

Other Petrol Models

With over 100 years of engineering excellence, our lawnmowers allow you to quickly and effortlessly make your lawn look its best, so you can get back to enjoying your backyard as soon as possible.

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  • 8/0 Series HL800

    #564997RRP $999.00

    Cut & Catch, B&S OHV Series 725EXi engine, Quadcut® Blade, 18" Alloy Deck...

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  • MSV AL S19 Genius 4'n1

    #564903RRP $999.00

    Cut, Catch, Mulch, Side Discharge & Chip, B&S OHV Series 675EXi ReadyStart™ engine, 4 Blade Disc System, 19" Alloy...

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  • 8/0 Series HL900

    #567756RRP $1049.00

    Cut, Catch & Mulch, B&S DOV Series 750 IC Professional engine, 4 Blade Disc System, 19" Alloy Deck...

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  • 550 AL S18 2'n1 SP

    #564899RRP $1049.00

    Cut, Catch & Mulch, B&S OHV Series 625EX ReadyStart™ engine, Self Propelled, Quadcut® Blade, 18" Alloy...

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