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Battery Mowers & Power Equipment

Battery Mowers & Power Equipment

Masport's ranges of battery mowers and outdoor power equipment deliver outstanding versatility and performance, with the simplicity of push button starting, quieter operation and zero emissions. Now you can enjoy the freedom and convenience that comes with Masport lithium-ion battery technology.

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  • 60V Max Range

    60V Max Range

    The Masport 60V range delivers true petrol like performance but without the loud noise, emissions, and hassle of cords. Designed as our most powerful battery-operated range to date, the Masport 60v ra...

  • Energy Flex Range

    Energy Flex Range

    Mow the grass, cut hedges or blow leaves away using the same battery. The Energy Flex® battery range allows all common garden work to be done effortlessly by hand without the need for cables. The lit...